Alcohol has been released - Starforce beaten?

I just posted the article Alcohol has been released - Starforce beaten ?.

phoenix and Erroneus used our newssubmit to tell us that a new version of the populair burning software Alcohol 120% has been released. The new version supports Microsofts new generation Operating…

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These developers are really aggressive in improving this product … good news for us !!! and thanx to them :7

All right go Alcohol!!! It is just fantastic that it can beat such a good protection like Star Force!!!

It’s about time somebody added a copying procedure not discovered at CD Freaks. This is the first one since what? AWS/BB?

Full support for Micro$oft’s new OS Longhorn? Is that even out yet? I don’t see it on Micro$oft’s site.

working ?

Ollies gone on a very long vaccation :4 Greets The Diplomat :8

Longhorn will be changed in the long run. heard something about the codename Cairo file system being added to Longhorn. the alpha version of longhorn that flies on p2p is simply a repackaged winxp.

hi great done but can it beat Star Force protection??? " Ollies gone on a very long vaccation "-- no but he will come back to the top again :c :c :c plz ollio hurry