Alchohol crashes my pc

anyone know why after installing this software why my system win xp pro goes into a loop of constantly rebooting i have to use the last known useable settings to get back in and uninstall it ?

what is you hardware configuration?

It seems like a driver or conflict issue. Some CD burning applications such as Nero & Roxio install a CD burning driver and in the early days of CD burning, it was quite common for certain CD-recording drivers to conflict. The most common one I know of is Roxio’s UDF reader as this caused my Windows XP computer to repeatedly blue-screen as the UDF reader had conflicted with Nero’s In-CD.

It may be worth a try to first try disabling Windows XP’s CD burning service (via Services in the Administrative Tools in the Control panel) or try uninstalling Direct CD/UDF Reader or In-CD (if you have any of these installed) and try installing Alcohol once again.

i have now found that no software that uses virtual drives works on my pc ie:alchohol daemon or gamejack

i am running winxp pro sp1 with amd 1400xp ,512 ddr sram ,
,nvidia mx 440 128mb, cyberdrive cw058d ,hsp56 micromodem,hp psc 950 all in one printer ,games surround furtissimo111 7.1 on a ecs motherboard using k75sa chipset if anyone can i will be eternally grateful.

i tryed uninstalling what you suggested but still the same

And your Nero is still working good or what? I

it works perfectly mate

I had a similar problem , there was a SW problem using my Nero (5.5.8) and the latest version of A 120%. I just disinstalled all and then I installed the latest versions of both programs.

I have found the problem, its the enhanced gameport on my furtissimo III 7.1 soundcard when I disable the game port virtual drives work properly anyone know why this conflict is happening?


I have a similar problem but on Win2K with latest Nero, CloneCD, virtual CD by Clone and TEAC RW. After the installation system crashed. Thru the safe mode I changed the letter of the drive and after that it seems OK. I even mounted a image to this virtual CD (Alcohol) and made a few copies. Next day all got wrong. When I tryed to accsess to the folder with image or to the virtual CD (Alcohol) from explorer, system crashed.
Any ideas?