Alc 120 blacklisted in safedisk 2.9.40?

i get temp errors with just running alc120s hidecdr media when trying to run copies…i know the standard reason would be the copy is not 1:1…but im beginning to wonder…

first if i use clonecds hidecdr media or i use dameon tools to do the same the title plays. ive heard a rumor that the virtual drive has been blacklisted and even though ive turned it off in the virtual drive settings im wondering if the game still sees it.

ok well i know its not the backup…proof is that the same backup runs fine on my SD-M1402 drive with no emulation running(no clonecd tray, no dameon tools, no alc120 installed). so the possible causes are

A. safedisk 2.90.40 + titles blacklist alc120s virtual drive hence causing the .tmp errors on running.

B. alc120s hide cdr feature has problems working with certain drives (the drive i was testing it first on was a gcc-420n dell laptop cdrw).

i will now load alc120 on the machine with the sd-m1402 drive and see if the title still runs to confirm if its a blacklist issue.

I am not aware of any hide atip checker being blacklisted to date.

SD2.9x works with Alcohol emu as stated here :bigsmile:

then it must just have problems with my drive because the backup works in a sd-m1402 with no emu and in that drive with any other hide cdr program.

SD3.x has blacklisted Alcohol’s virtual drive