ALBW album files-problem

ok,by and large i have had good sucess rate with albw files ,
extractor has opned most of my files …

but I still have a few .mp3 “albums” that ALBW extractor says -not a valib AW archive

-They play as WHOLE mp3 files,… so as such they are perfect

. Is there another “ALBW” type “UNWRAPPER” that might work?
mp3 direct cut also doesnt work on auto with these by silence detection

did a google search…then tried M3a extract which cliams to be better than AW…in fact it was worse…

does any one know…

is there a mp3 wrap extractor ''which might work on these ?

I’ve had the same problem too. My guess is these aren’t ALBW-files, but they get this name tag for some reason. Which reason? I don’t know.

i thnk the same reason why peoeple keep renaming theier files aas sumthin else…

y porn clips are labled as britney spears and Jlo videos…lol

have u tried mp3 split

have you tried using albw fix on the file first? if that fails try album extractor and if that don’t work its gonna b the long process of doing it manualy. :slight_smile:

I found another program to use to extract albw files. it works on the ones that lock up when u try to use albw extractor on them and also works on many that tell you they are not albw. called alba extractor. it is made by

stopped bothering with albw files altogether…in months now…since my 1st post above

now only …rar files for me…woo hoo