how do i burn more than 1 album to a cd

With mp3 or as audio cd.
for an audiocd you can use 80 minutes cd. You can put on for 730 mb of audio on it, or for mp3 you can just add the directory’s to your self-compiled cd

I’ll b a bit more specific…

U can use Nero 2 compile your own albums from WAV or mp3, with the create new audio CD option. If u just want 2 copy an existing audio CD, then I would suggest using CDRWin, with it’s backup disc option.

Ooops… Sorry, misunderstood… :0

I didn’t realise u said MORE than 1 album… :0

u can use 80 min CD’s like mattel says, or if u only want 2 listen 2 it on your P.C., then just put the mp3’s on as DATA files - u can fit quite a few albums on, depending on the quality of recording.

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