Al Bags first problem ! (anyone in tonite?) Direct CD

Anyone there tonite ??
Can you help with this one-I cant sort it for my friend.
I dont use DCD but…

If I create a folder, put 30 images into it, then send it to DCD, and burn;
What could be the cause of this…?? Can only open the disc in Direct CD, and not Explorer, or the Applications software “look in” window.
I cant figure it, looked at database.

Cheers, Al Bags. :slight_smile:

What OS is he running?

I don’t have DCD myself, but isn’t it drag and drop? This would kind of defeat the purpose of having packet writing software…

Thanks for the reply. Not sure about O/S yet, have to check it myself- hes not “good” with puters.

I just discovered a thread in search regarding a possible bug producing the same symptoms with Win2000. Seems Taxman had dealongs with that. However, the thread comes to rather an abrupt end! Found a few things to try, though.

This may be a known about-I will be back later, thanks for now !

Al Bags. :slight_smile:

Ps. Still dont like your new Avatar. Cant get one myself, page is not there or something, when I try to select the list!!