Akward playback stiuation



I purchased spindles of fujifilm dvd+r and dvd-r to make backups to take to take back to college. Since they were inexpensive im not too worried about their longevity. I’m keeping my verbatim dvd+r backups properly stored, and those are the ones i really care about. I’ve had no problems in the past playing my backup verbatim dvd+r on my playstation 2 yet the fijifilm dvd+r will not play, however they will play in my home dvd player and therefore they were successfully burned. I burned copies on the fijifilm dvd-r also and they do play on the playstation 2. Is the fijifilm dvd+r media so different from the verbatim dvd+r media? or why am i experiencing these playback discrepencies? I havent changed any settings or procedures. Im using the ripit4me 1-click method and buring with nero. Also can i expect decent results from the fujifilm media down the line with moderate use and cd wallet storage or do they degrade rather quickly? Thankyou for any help that can be offered.


If you could get the media ID code that would be good. You just have to open nero cd speed (if you have it link here if not: http://www.cdspeed2000.com/files/NeroCDSpeed_4700.zip) and click disc info. It will give you the media ID (MID). Basically tells you who the true manufacturer of your Fuji discs are.

Verbatim media is pretty much some of the best media you can possibly get. That’s why they all work :stuck_out_tongue:

Your fuji discs may degrade, depending on who actually manufactures them.


In numerous instances, mainly in choosy/picky players, the reflectivity of the media can have a huge impact on readability. I guess the Playstation 2 just has one of these “picky” drives like most consoles always had (for what reason I have no idea) that only takes high reflectivity media.

The best reflectivity, with good console compatibility can be found with several MIDs, two that are notably unstable and degrade fast (Ritek G04 and G05) but if it’s for short-term they’re probably the best options for such purpose. Then you have MCC/Verbatim, not as good as Ritek -R for this very purpose but still a good bet (needless to say, for [I]any [/I]other purpose they’re leagues ahead Ritek :bigsmile: ).

I think one of the worst MIDs for reflectivity is CMCMAG E01, and TYG02 is not great either.

[B]Disclaimer[/B]: I’m [B]not [/B]advising anyone to buy Ritek -R discs, here it’s for a special purpose and short-term use so it just happens they are a good choice in this very instance. (Incredible :rolleyes: )


:disagree: (at least in my experience)

both my standalone and PS2 are sensitve to low reflectivity disks and both love E01 (and all the other CMC codes Ive tried for that matter) G02 is one of the lower ones and plays fine in the PS2 but occasionally glitches in the standalone. G03 has the worst reflectivity out of any MID I’ve used…occasional glitches in the PS2 and almost constant glitching in the standalone


Do you mean TYG02 and TYG03 ?


I stand corrected. :slight_smile: - thanks for the info, I have trouble to find my links to reflectivity tests results. :doh:
I wasn’t sure anyway, since the wording “I think”…

I wonder about “g02” “g03”, like [B]DrageMester[/B]…?


yeah, sorry for my lazy typing :o


Interesting comments about the riteks. I did use them many of times for PS2 backups and they did always work flawlessly whereas my TYG01 did freeze here and there on very rare occasions. Most of my G04 seem to be alright though, only some have degraded, unlike the G05 which 80% or more have died :sad:


I did a nero cd speed on one of each of the blank discs. The MID for the fijifilm dvd-r is RITEKF1 and the MID for the dvd+r is PRODISC R05 (001).


In regard to degradation, the Prodisc discs shouldn’t be that bad at all - I’ve got some Fuji Prodisc R05’s here, and I think they’re very good budget media. My Maxell RITEKF1’s and FujiFilm Labelflash RITEKF1 have been fine so far (RITEKF1 dye is much more stable than G04 or G05).

In short they should be fine, but they can always degrade (bad batch, poor manufacturing etc).