Akira extractor



Hi there,

I was just wondering if somebody has information about the way files are stored/compressed/encrypted on the Akira CDs.
They are using a PDF extension which of course doesn’t refer to the well-known Acrobat format.
I think it would be very handy to be able to extract some files in a useable form without the need of their installer (not the light one) which doesn’t work on my main PC.
By the way, does anybody know a Web site, an IRC channel or any way to get in touch with the Akira crew ?

Thanks in advance,



an extractor doesn’t exist yet. They made up a strange format, whitch is nor a rar, neither a zip. I don’t know how they are compressed.
Maybe you could try with ace or something like that.

I don’t know any way to get in touch with them.
I’m a bit afraid, couse their 6th rel. should have come out last week and I don’t know what’s up. The same story with TL41. No list, no anouncement, no update…
What a strange time, since all the rumours…

Let’s hope they go on with their work!!!


Akira had a shipment of Akira 6 stopped at customs and the word here in Denmark is that they are keeping a low profile, so don´t holds your breath for Akira 6


the files are encrypted in a custom developed format (their own). So u probably wont be able to extract it without the menu.
That is unless the decryption is done in a dll u can call from any program…
(like with their previous product, frozen).

apparently this should make it easier for them to get the cds to denmark without getting busted (even though the customs should check the shipment - they can’t read any of it!!).

i sure hope they come out…