Akai120 dvd +rw/r+ Recorder

, My name is Jerry. I own a Akai 120 +rw/+r Homerecorder. It worked fine until I recorded on +r 1x8 write speed recordable disc . at first it was recording the 1x8 fine then only some , now it won’t record +rw1x4, +r-1x4 or 1x8+r . It will record for a few minutes then the recorder states write fail. The drive in the unit is a Lite-on it DDW-411S. Is my drive gone Or would a firmware upgrade be in order. when it records it makes a lot of noise the Macrovision over ride is 2960 on the exit button secret menu. :slight_smile: could any one give me some insight as to what my problem might be. thank youjerry akai 120 dvd recorder

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