Akai DVD/CD DVPS-760

Hello Forum,

I recently found my 6 year old Akai DVD/CD player, Model # DVPS-760 that I thought had been lost in a move…bad news, I cannot find my User’s Manual or my Remote and if I had these, I could probably answer this question using those tools.

BUT…since they are awol, I’ll ask all of you experts.

When I put a CD containing MP3 music files in my Akai, the display DOES seem to read it as an MP3, in fact the words " MP3 " appear in the upper left-hand portion of the lcd readout. However, nothing happens, when I manually push the play button still nothing happens…

I can play CDS from stores and CDs that I burn just fine…any help would be GREATLY appreciated!!

Thanks everyone. Kevin

Welcome to the forums Kevin.

I’ve found a direct link to the manual in .pdf format. You many want to copy this to your hard drive or print it out.


I’m not sure that it has a solution for your mp3 playback though. You should be seeing a screen with the folders/files listed. Do you have your tv connected and on when trying to play an mp3?

Hi Kerry56, thanks for the link for the Manual…I’ve downloaded it, AND without having to pay 35 dollars like one website had!
I am not seeing those folders and files that you mentioned, probably because…I’m not using it connected to a video device…

To answer your question about having my TV connected, actually, no, I don’t. I’m a free-lance voice-over artist and radio producer, so I’m using my Akai down in my basement audio “man-cave”, so it is not connected to a tv or any other type of video monitor.

Do you think that – in order to see the different folders and files of an MP3 cd, I can ONLY do that by plugging in a tv monitor?

If so, then I’ll probably just look around and get a real cheap, small tv monitor to use…what are your thoughts ??
Many thanks for the help.
Kevin (kvgarlic on here)

Its just a guess on my part. If you have a tv or monitor that can accept RCA jacks, I’d test this before buying anything just to use with this player.