Aiwa car-MP3-player

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Aiwa releases a car MP3 player!!!

In CD receivers, AIWA’s most innovative new model is the CDC-MP3,…

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They forgot to mention one thing: $$$$$$

nah, the cash is right there…350 msrp. this is a great thing…cant wait!!!

hehe cool, can’t wait to see some other mp3 things, like a mp3 player in ur wallet, or in ur shoes, or in a sexual stimulator, or stuff…

Hey ]q[ man, you r one fucked up sun of a bitch,
respect to ya!

How soon can that thingie be bought…In Holland

Hmm, Kenwood has already been selling these MP3 compatible car stereos here in Japan for a few months now. The cost is around $400 street price.

need japanese fonts installed to view text