Aivsynth access violation?



i’m trying to convert an avi file to dvd (via chickenmans tutorial) which i have done countless times before, usually with no problems, or little problems that i have been able to sort out myself, but this one i’ve never seen before and am at a loss. the original avi file plays fine, both audio and video, but after conversion throughD2sRoba and Dvd2svcd i end up with a pulldown file about 1/2 the size it should be, and the muxed file (and the pulldown file i load into dvdlab) plays fine for a few minutes, then the screen goes black and i get the following message along the top of the screen for the remainder of the film:

Avisynth: caught an access violation at 0x0b624 attempting to read from 0x0b08a000

i have run this twice and both have turned out the same. i have also run the original avi file through Divxfix and Divxrepair, both programs finding no errors. has anyone encountered this problem before, or have any suggestions how to get round it?

thanks for looking



You simply have a codec problem, regardless if the avi appears to play okay. Update to latest Koepi Xvid.