Aiseesoft abandons Blu-ray and DVD decryption business

We’ve just posted the following news: Aiseesoft abandons Blu-ray and DVD decryption business[newsimage][/newsimage]
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Seems that the multimedia companies are starting a big offensive…
I hope that this not creates an avalanche effect under the movie backup software companies…:frowning:

I have to wonder if this decision as well as 1click is the result of bailing out because of disinterest of the general public at large as well as not wanting to endure the risk of reprisals.

Of course and not to go into this, changes in public policy is the real problem.

Not that I use them but I see many downloads of movies all over the place.
I think more people are inclined to take this route rather than actually have a copy of the movie.
Problem with this type mentality, there are fewer people actually using decrypters now days compared to say a few years ago.
If this trend continues, there will be fewer companies wanting to have their product on the front lines.

Also I mull over the smartphone era…is the younger generation even interested in computer technology?