Is free to air TV really worth what we pay for it?
Or is Pay TV much better value?

Given that I have about 3hrs to waste every night (8-11pm) after work, before I fall asleep.

In Oz, it seems like Pay TV plays the same 3 semi-decent/recent movies over and over for an entire month, before replacing them with another bunch of equally irritating repeat movies. Furthermore, they fill out the schedule with garbage like “foreign” films (ie bad french / italian / indian censored porn ) and “arthouse” films which were worth all that the investors put into them (in the order of $50 per actor, + $50 for acting lessons. I don’t think they get their mones worth :stuck_out_tongue: )
Furthermore, while waiting for the films to start (often 10mins late) they are “padded” with, incidentally, 10 mins of annoying adds for other Pay per view channels on the same station. Worse is that many of the “Pay TV” channels often broadcast old content from the “Free to air” TV stations, or occasionally even recent content (news anyone?) from free to air V stations.

Free to air on the other hand consistently have crap on weeknights at prime time, but some good stuff afterwards, and usually friday, saturday and sunday decent movies (new ones each week).
It seems that the only garbage they really have on is a forced 30 mins each day of local (aussie) content :Z:Z and reality TV, which we are thankfully free of after prime time :slight_smile:

Question is: Is pay TV really worth it? Or is Free to Air worth much more than we pay for it?

My mum pays for it - so it’s all good for me! But I don’t think it is worth it unless you get the movies package with it. Then it is good, because you come home from work/school, check the guide and see a movie you didn’t get around to seeing in the cinema. There ya go.

Here in England, Sky have it pretty well sussed I have to say.

I hate not to have it especially for the sport.

So for me it’s definately good :slight_smile:

Discovery is the only channel worth paying for. C+ is nice too, but costs too much. Even if our beloved SVT makes some cheesy programs, theres no way to escape the public service fee.

I did have sky but I didn’t renew it when the card ran out.

Sky One, Sky Sports, Movie Channels, Sci-Fi and the channels that re-ran old series were my favs.

As far as I know the Discovery channels come as part of the base Sky package that you can get when you start up.

Re: womble. That covers most of them :wink: I like the Uk Gold ones especially :slight_smile: