Airlink+AR315W 802.11g wireless router

I purchased an Airlink+AR315W 802.11G wireless router a few weekends ago at Frys Electronics for $29.99 out the door.
This brand seems to be an ‘inhouse’ Frys only brand, because I have seen it sold exclusively at Frys Electronics and

I could not find any reviews on the web for this device, so I figured I would share my own experience.
I powered up the router and placed it directly next to a PC with an 802.11G wireless PCI card installed.
The wireless connection would drop and reconnect every 30 seconds.
Attempted turning off 802.11b transmission and the same behaviour occurred.
Attempted rebooting multiple times and the same behaviour occurred.
Checked the web for a firmware update… there are none available.

As soon as I installed a Netgear WGR614 802.11g router in its’ place, everything worked perfectly.

This POS was promptly returned to the store. So please! don’t but an Airlink wireless router! You will have nothing but problems. (Others have reported similar problems with this unit on other forums).

For $30, i’m not suprised it didn’t work! Netgear are very reliable though.

The Netgear was $19 after rebate. :wink:
It works beautifully.

$19 !!! :eek: Some people have all the luck! :stuck_out_tongue:

I have trouble with my wireless network too. There’s a spearate unit to the house where the dsl router is and my room is in the main house with the computer. Anyway, I have a linksys router and a linksys pci card and the damn anntana doesn’t stay attached to the back of the card! WTF! So I tried gluing it but then i had no connection at all. So i soaked the little nut that holds the anntana in place in acohol to glean of the super glue. Finally got it to work again, but I’m afraid if my move my pc an inch I won’t have internet.

I have the same exact problem with the same exact Airlink router, bought from the same exact store … Fry’s. I bought it last weekend for 24.99, marked down from 79.99. They had a million, by the way. Anyway, I am new to wireless, and I was thrilled at how easy it all set up and worked. HOWEVER, the constant dropped connections started immediately. I’ve emailed the tech support … here is the response: "Hello,

For the firmware, we’re working on one right now. We’re just waiting for the
chipset vendor to send us some information before we can push it out. As for
your connection dropping, you can try to do a factory reset on the back of
the router and hold it in there for 40 seconds. Then reconfigure the router."

Yeah, well that told me nothing. So, I guess it goes back. But, do I need to also returned the USB wireless adapter/receivers? Or just the router? Also, do you have sbc as your DSL provider? I thought maybe that might be why. I use AIM and aol also. those connections are almost a strobe light in drop frequency. Lastly, do you have any additional links to others with the same issues? I’m going to the boss at Fry’s. This really bites. I spent my entire weekend trying to get this figured out. Thanks a million.

By the way, I got another email from support telling me the MTU for AOL should be 1400 and not the 1500 noted in the manual. Well, that also did nothing to help the dropped connections. Since support has done zero, I, too, am returning this router. I do plan to print out as many negative posts on this specific product, then see Houston’s Fry’s store manager and alert him of the router issues. That store is really well operated, maybe he’ll actually care.


As I stated in my original post, I’ve seen reports on other forums about identical issues with this POS unit.
I can’t believe they haven’t all been recalled.
This Airlink wireless router does NOT work! plain and simple.

I advise all to steer clear of the Airlink router.

I am running an Airlink PCI 802.11g wireless adapter card on one of my desktops. That thing actually works (suprisingly).

I have quest for my dsl and I get down times all the time, it angers me :frowning: Anyway I will be upgrading to cable soon :slight_smile:

Usually it is the main problem with wireless routers. I use Siemens Gigaset, it got disconnected time to time, usually when it was idle for more than 1 hour.

It turned out that there was a bug, but interestingly the disconnection-thing happened only in two countries :eek: . Siemens fixed it, I downloaded the new firmware, since then absolutely no problems. This phenomenon is interesting.

Suggest you go to this URL and try these solutions,13480430
Hope these help

Airlink has a firmware upgrade for this router (release 26). Just tried it today and it has been working for a few hours so I think it is good stuff.

First check if your firmware is below 26. If so download the firmware from and upgrade your formware.

After upgrading, press and hold the reset button on the router for 20 seconds or so and release. Then power off the router by removing the power cord from the router and after a few seconds plug it back in. Then go through the steps of configuring the router for Internet acccess once more (this info would have been lost due to reset)

Check here for detailed steps:

I just bought a Router from Encore let me tell you that it worked fin until I tried to put one of my PCs on the DMZ zone then I had problems. It started blocking my UDP and TCP ports. I went to the Page and did not finde any firmeware. That is when I notice that is uses the sabe Firmware as Airlink I Dled the new firmware and it works fine now. Also i notice that the Encore and Arlink Routers are Identical the only thing that changes is the Brand name one says Arlink the other Encore.

You get what you pay for, not that Netgear a great but I would guess that they’re better than an inhouse brand…
I’m all for WRT54GS (old versions and clones) though since they work very well and support *WRT firmwares (trafic shaping (QoS) etc).