Airline pilot fs2004 dvd validating HELP!

can any one help me on this one im trying to run airliner pilot add on, for microsoft flight sim 2004 called airliner pilot when i put it to a dvd disk it boots up fine but then a screen comes up <just validating> and says please insert org dvd disk

is there any program out there what i can use to backup this game again and auto take out this protection , like a dycripter
ive tried loads of mix programs but still no luck and dont relly fancy useing immage tools if possable
can any one help thanks :bow: :sad:

most of the microsoft flight sim add ons use safedisc in one form or another.
I suggest you make a copy using EMULATION with the latest version of clone cd.
see tutorial in protection forum on making emulated safedisc copies :smiley:

ive just tried alcohol 120% and created a image from the disk but only found that i can not reduce the speed to x1 on the dvd burner its only high lighted maxium , i can reduce it on d: drive but not e: um
so i made a image anyway then i mounted the image and it autorun no prob
but still came up with <just validating> :confused:

ive tried the clone cd v5.2 but no luck

there has to be a program or a file what i can replace then burn to dvd disk to overcome this issue
anythoughts anyone? :bow:

because your program is on dvd , alcohol will default to dvd mode you cannot alter the read speed.
use your mounted image in alcohol but you need to use a anti blacklisting program like
SD4 hide or antiblax to get the game to run.

do you know the link for antiblax il give it a try thanks

its ok found it and put it to the test and i give up still no luck

any more links? what might reslove this problam :bow: :doh:

try cd media world
in their cd/dvd utilities section you will find lots of useful anti blacklisting tools :clap:

are you using the latest version of alcohol 120% check their site
this could make a difference.
your virtual drive may be blacklisted checkout the alcoholforum on advice on how to rename your virtual drive :wink:
also you may have more success mounting your image in daemon tools using their latest version as they update far more regularly than alcohol does it also has a good forum with lots of help and advice on issues like this. :smiley:

checked with site im useing the lastest one c-media have got some good tools but still cant seem to overide this validating screen

is there any other program could use ive tried nery all emulation and dont seem to work
i wonder if there is some way i can reburn the disk but without a certain config file or replace a file then do a fresh backup
any one know?

re try your image with daemon tools virtual drive.
lots of people have had much success with the latest curerom program and game jackal also gets good reports.
I assume you are using the original dvd to make the image? :iagree:

hi there no not the org dvd would that be the cause do you think :doh:

:clap: sorted you was right :doh: deamon tools did do it ,after i got it to read iso image and then started first time i was doing it under mdf i think or mds thank you for your time in replys problam solved :clap: :slight_smile: :clap:

glad I could help however using a copied dvd is against forum rules unless you own the original and certainly would not have helped with your original problems ,pleased you got it working ! :cop:

dave999 I suggest you read the forum rules before posting again.
If you dont own the original you should not have any copies of it.
A link to the forum rules is in my sig (below).
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