AIRHEAD´S MUSIC, the Schwede is talented!

Check out the hot new music video of our talented Airhead

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good grief dean…thats like 5 years old or older !!! lmao you need to get out on the net more often… lol

Alter Schwede!

Can’t say more…

I made it about you! Who else in this world could draw bunnys like that but me? :stuck_out_tongue:
What is it with germans and old swedes?

I think you´ll have to ask the old Swedes…

…I mean they´ve tried to invade this country several times in the last few hundred years…no idea why, maybe the women here were better looking than yours?
Anyway, what always happened was the Swedish soldiers got all chummy with the farmers daughters and eventually settled down. War always just fizzled out. A hundred years later they tried again…and so it went on.
Nowdays they are getting smarter…they´ve learned to make fairly decent cars, and their government, oops I mean electricity company is trying to buy as much of the country as possible, and some can sing a bit now too.

So, you tell me…what is it with Germans and old Swedes?

Dean and his family?

Piratpartiet! :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh I see. Thanks, didnt think about that. Yes, the 1600’s was a good time. Vattenfall is out to purchase all the coalworks they can to make up for all the enviromental savings they get on hydropower. Lovely filth :slight_smile:

Funny lot those Schwedes when you think about it…

They get the top of the list for democraticness
The bottom for manly manness, or top for feminine men…depends how you wanna look at it (don´t mean to mean anything by that, just prefer to look away…) <— see some other thread somewhere
Obsessed with building the best and fastest road cars in the world <— see another thread somewhere
Make better vodka than the Russians <— surely we have a vodka thread here too!
Inflict bands from Abba to hardcore-for-hardcore like The Refused on the world. <— see the Music threads
They speak some gibberish called Swedish (a cross between a Swede and a Radish) <— yes, of course we have a thread for that too.

And that´s just to start with…
I am sure we could make a long list of oddities and impressive stuff that your country churns out…

But, I digress…the theme was “is everyone else really getting it more than Airhead?” or “Airhead comes out of the shower”

I think :doh:

I came out of the shower just minutes ago. I usually do every morning. What are you implying, that I’m unclean? :stuck_out_tongue: