Airhead presents The Eurovision Song Contest of 2010! The results of tomorrow today!



Yeeeeeeees it’s that time of year again and you didnt think I’d forget about it did you? :wink:
There’s no clear winner this year so unlike last time I can’t answer that just yet sadly.

I will now tell you the results of the future today by looking into my big shiny balls!

Recap of the entries into semifinal ONE

Recap of the entries into semifinal TWO

Autoqualified entries into the FINAL

Voting Rules 2010

Only participating countries and autoqualified members broadcasting the event are allowed to vote.
France, Germany and Spain will vote in semifinal one, the UK and Norway will vote in semifinal two.
Vote power split 50/50 between televoters and professional jury in each participating country during all three finals.

Qualifiers from Semifinal 1
No individual order

There is however imminent danger of the youtuber from Russia making it through to the finals, likely leaving Iceland out in the cold. Serbia also dangles on a thread, I’m counting on the balkan bloc saving them. Latvia might also make it but it’s an academic matter as there are no winners in this group, with the exception for Greece altough I see that as unlikely.

Qualifiers from Semifinal 2

[li]Armenia[/li][li]Bulgaria[/li][li]Croatia[/li][li]Denmark[/li][li]Israel [/li][li]Lithuania[/li][li]Romania[/li][li]Sweden[/li][li]Switzerland[/li][li]Turkey[/li][/ul]
In this group we have the winner. Who will it be? Of course I hope for one outcome that everyone can imagine but saying more would be jinxing. I think Israel have a good chance of winning, as does Turkey (always helped by their diaspora) and Armenia. I do not see any of the autoqualified being capable of winning, and the UK should take last place because their entry is utter rubbish as usual.

Who is your winner? But more importantly answer the question

What was the Netherlands thinking?!
And Russia! Not to mention Slovenia! And the Ukraine! This years competition is filled with hilariously bad songs and performances and it will be amazingly painful to watch! And the UK of course :cool:

Also, what have you done to the forums? I’m sure we had more functionality in 2002! :kiss:


You did a pretty good predictions. But this Eurosong have some surprises. All-in-one, I’m happy with the winner.