Airhead for pope!

Hell! If a child molesting ex-Nazi can be the pope, Airhead should have no trouble getting voted in with his worst crimes being limited to possesion & distribution of midget pirate porn.

Plus, Airhead can bring his own insane pope hat, among others, a definite saving for the roman catholic church!

What are your thoughts?

Oh, please, please, please let Airhead be pope!!! :bow: :bow: :bow:

That might allow you to get down on your knees, before airhead, just a little more often, eh? :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh god Yes! Oh god!

bless you my son but you forgot the most important option… i wear underwear on my head

I will sacrifice many marzipan babies to help Airhead be pope! :bow: :stuck_out_tongue:

My sacrifice:

I think that’s upto God to decide & the pope to provide guidance to the masses.

Airhead said if he were Pope I could be an Alter Girl…so sure let him be Pope already!

Finally somebody noticed the clever pope-cameo! You will all recieve your blessings in your mailboxes shortly. Also MaphistoFemme (apologies for calling you Mephisto) will recieve an extra bonus in hat-form.

13 Ave Maria’s (the correct latin form of Hail Mary) for the person who voted “No”.

OMG airhead for pope dont you know the pope is infalable :bow: :bow: :bow: i once made a mistake and was wrong but later found out i was right but airhead or bu***r it airhead for pope he suits the mitre AMEN

well currently god is tied for first

You won’t have ANY fun dressing up as an alter-girl. We’ll dress you up as an alter-boy instead :wink:


Alternate - and probably good way - to find a boy friend - probably of the cloth - imagine the surprise when the truth is found out-eh!

Perfect occupation for a Swde. He’s properly the best pick around.

news has just reached the vatican that airhead with be the next pope

airhead 4 pope

he cant be any worse than the other lot we picked …

honest… am tellin you, as god is my witness… the fish i caught was this big

so if you are picked for bein next pope airhead… least you’ll get a new motor

/me suspects the pope is one virile bugger & that they keep him in the cage to ensure he doesn’t ravage the women!