Airhead doesn't even have his own refrigerator!

I think he’s lying to all of you.

Would you trust such a pope?


You’re not allowed to question the Pope. He does what he does for reasons that may not be apparent to us common folks. :bow:

Don’t worry, Airhead my pope :bow: :bow: :bow: , I will store all of your perishables in my refrigerator!

Respect the pope. He know things that all we ignore. :doh: :doh:

God keeps Airheads yoghurt from spouting new civilisations.

Does God work for MIB?

no he works for me and Debro :slight_smile:

How much do you pay Him :eek: ?


Of course, Slayerking forgot to mention that God is Self-Employed.

[/QUOTE] :bigsmile:

Most High Pope of Popness…my fridge is yours to do as you see fit…

I wonder how many people you can fit in SS’s fridge …

Problemo … such a hot time in there, the butter might melt :stuck_out_tongue:

hummmm i’ve never tried to fit more than a couple at a time debro…
of course i’d have to find somewhere to store all this…

Hemi loves underwear :slight_smile:

In that fridge? A couple, aka 2 people, in the refrigerator?
When they come out: Some assembly may be required …

As to where you can store all that beer … Aussies love their beer … as for the bottles …

/me hauls his mind back out of the sewer and into the gutter where it belongs.

One of these assembly can be a liver transplantation for alcholic cirrosis :stuck_out_tongue:

at least we have a resident doc now…Hemi can ya do transpants?

The magic transparent pants!

there’s no god

Very much like your Refrigerator :)))

ohh well :stuck_out_tongue: PANTS ON FIRE :stuck_out_tongue: