AIPTEK 3D Camcorder

I have an Aiptek small portable 3d camera I bought.
While it records 3d side by side. I can’t get it to make the pop
out of the screen effects. I wonder if anyone knows how to
get it to work.:frowning:

What are you viewing the footage on?

For a normal screen, you’d need to use cross-eyed format, or the opposite (barrier).

For cross-eyed, you allow your eyes to drift, or momentarily look at something closer, and then concentrate on the point where the two images come together.

For the barrier version, hold a card or your hand against your nose, so that your left eye sees the left image and the right eye sees the right.

It helps if you are good at seeing other stereo tricks, like the random dot autostereograms

I have one, but how do you create the pop out screen