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Greetings All…
Havin’ a major bout of bad karma here…
A few months ago purchased a new hard-drive & DVD burner (LITEON SHM 165H)you good people tried to walk me through installation,but the major LOW-TECH individual I am,I balked & took it in…In the mean time wifey bought me “Clone DVD”&“Any DVD” from sly…with too much going on it took quite awhile to have the installation done…Now with the burner & drive in place the “keys” will not open…followed instructions to a “T” &all it will say is “save” or “open”…Have saved them to the desktop,but it repeatedly asks the same thing…The wife has been in contact w/ tech support w/ Sly & all they do is repeat the same instructins…After several attempts (all replied by the save & reboot mantra)she asked if we could please have the phone number of a human…SAME reply…In disgust “I” wrote the next letter & obviously got too colorful in my frustration because they said they"will not continue correspondense on this level anymore"…So guess all I can do is a chargeback…Now I’m wondering if “Cyberlink Power DVD” that came with the burner & a “key” can be purchased is a suitable alternative & if not input would be greatly appreciated on what is…
Thanx Much…


The good news is that there are free software tools that replicate almost everything Clone DVD and Any DVD can do. DVD Decrypter will remove CSS and Macrovision from 90% of the DVDs out there. DVDFab Decrypter can get the other 10% that are protected by ARccOS. DVD Shrink will transcode the resulting output. And imgtool classic and imgburn will let you burn the final backup copy. Every single one of those tools is free and can be found with a quick google search. Usage guides can be found at


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Also look at ripit4me which is an excellent front end for all the above and more. I have been using this software for some time and would highly recommend it. It even has a one click mode, simplicity it’s self.


Thanx to you too weed!!!
One more newbie question…
I was told due to speed limitations(I believe)that one needs to first burn to hard-drive,then to disc as opposed to going straight from movie to blank…
Am I correct in assumimng this??
Thanx much…
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You can “copy on the fly” but for best results it is usually better to rip to hard disk and then burn to a new disc. This is particularly true if you have to compress the file to fit on a single layer DVD. If you download ripit4me and the associated programs it will do it for you as easy as falling over when drunk. :bigsmile:


Not only is it recommended, it is actually impossible to do a direct disc to disc copy unless you are using AnyDVD (which provides real-time CSS decryption) and the source disc is under the DVD5 size limit of 4.37 GB (unless you burn with more expensive DVD±R DL discs). Most newer commercial releases are on dual layer discs- making the size problem prohibitive.