Aimster Pig Encoder - bye bye Napster filter

I just posted the article Aimster Pig Encoder - bye bye Napster filter.

The guys of Aimster, a file sharing tool that integrates with your instant messenger service to provide you with the ultimate file sharing tool. With Aimster you can target the hottest files on AOL,…

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So where do we get this piggy encoder ?

Its real simple how to “convert” your files to be “encrypted”. Following the simple rule of naming a MP3 file as follows - take “Backstreet Boys - Shape of my heart” and name it as “ackstreetb oysb - hapes fo ym earth” and searching for the reversed naming convention will allow for the bypass of the filter. I visted the site once but forgot the URL. Will repost the URL if I do come across it again.

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