AIM Profile Guestbook spam!

A couple months ago I made a profile for AIM when I was bored, I never looked at it again but today my friend told me to look and some website is signing it again and again…what the hell is up with that? How do they find it?

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airdeck007 (IM | Add) [3/09/03 10:13 PM]
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this happening to anyone else?

weird. one reason why i dont have a profile in AIM. but one thing you might want to try is by going to preferences and at the bottom…where it says, “allow users who know my e-mail address to find…” click nothing about me. you might also want to do something about the privacy thing…about who can contact you and all. other than that, i dont know what to tell you.

where you got this profile thing, i dont know…but did you have to supply an email address to get it? or was it one of those things were you put a piece of code in your profile? maybe the site that you got it from sends the info to porn sites and all. i personally dont use that stuff…but have seen others that use it to have something similar going on in their profiles…matter of fact, might even be the same website. hope this helps.

btw, ever heard of trillian?

They have little programs to search for these stuff, as well as to open up hotmail accounts etc.
Some even have sites that surf the net to find email addresses mentioned on webpages (been getting spam ever since my new email address was listed on the mainpage and I am sure I never left it somewhere else).

Hope this new law passes in the US and EU…really hate spam.

Trillian rocks.
Download it and improve a little corner of your existence!
It’s free! :bow:

I sort of have the same problem except the person just viewed my profile… i looked them up, and discovered that all those screen names have the SAME EXACT PROFILE… scary