Ailing Music Biz Set to Relax Digital Restrictions

LOS ANGELES - The anti-digital rights management (DRM) bandwagon is getting more crowded by the day. Even some major-label executives are pushing for the right to sell digital downloads as unprotected MP3s.


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I saw this one, but I’ll believe it when I see it. The upshot of the article is that they might allow unprotected MP3s when they see they have absolutely no choice, so it seems most likely the title is smoke and mirrors.

I agree with ya there. :iagree:

Here is another article stating the samething.

Get Ready for DRM-FREE 2007: Amazon, LimeWire, MySpace, eMusic, Yahoo Music


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I saw that as well, or a variant of it. My search produced about 6 ‘copies’ of the same first article. It’s the most plagiarized article I’ve seen yet (they just changed the title between ‘sources,’ but all the information is the same. The only ‘rumor’ is all this misdirection by the music industry on a massive scale. Seems like they want the consumer to think this will happen. Make the lie big enough and people will buy it, like Goebbels said. :eek: That’s all this is, because the music industry shows no ‘let up,’ as they consider DRM ‘a good business model.’ :a

And it will be anyone’s downfall if they think DRM is going to fly. I don’t know how many people would agree with me, but I still believe that this will be Mircosoft’s achilles heel.

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Every One agrees with you :iagree:

There’s no doubt everyone agrees with DRM being something to be shown out, but the current spin is finding some way to keep DRM around, and the music industry is kicking and screaming right now. It hasn’t given up, and is not even close to doing so yet. To this point, there is only incredibly limited interest (enough cases to count with one hand) in having DRM-free services.