AHHHH! HELP! Need to Rescue DVD!

OK, I am panicking right now, I have a very important DVD, and my son thought it’d be a great idea to pour Rust-Oleum on it!!!

Its now stuck to the CD underside! How do I get it out? Please ANY help is MUCH appreciated!

Let me see if I have this correct you son poured paint on the bottom of you CD?
If so… Rust-Oleum is oil based paint try some turpentine and hope for the best; I would not want to test it on any player you like alot as anything not removed could kill it.
Do it ASAP as once dry all hope could be lost

I won’t ask how this could happen :a

Well, my son is 16 and he thought he could “buff” out some scratches on my Gears of War disk with rust oleum ( I think he thought it was something like Brasso, but it isn’t.)

Its already dry so I guess all hope is lost. Damn, $60 down the drain.

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You mention DVD and CD. Which one is it. The construction
of DVDs is quite different to CDs.

I don’t know what Rust-Oleum is. I suspect that it might
be a special paint for rusty metal, something like Hammerite?

The first advice I would give you is don’t panic and don’t do
anything rash like using a powerful solvent to clean the
disc. This would probably destroy the surface of the disc
and/or the bonding agent at the DVD edges.

Is the rustoleum dried in? Since it is designed to stick
to rusty metal rather than smooth plastic, you might
find you can pick it off by bit by bit using your fingernail.

If the paint coating is very thick, you might be able to
crack it off by bending the DVD. Be careful, excessive
flexing of a DVD will warp or de-laminate the disc.

Contact Rust-Oleum to see if they know of a solvent
that will remove their product without destroying
the polycarbonate disc.

Good Luck!

Have you tried a soft cloth and denatured alcohol to sponge part of the stain from the rust olem? When you do try this don’t rub it onto the media surface but just like a sponge would just damp part of it and test to see if it will pull off that rust olem stain from the bottom media surface. But as I said just do a small area surface test before trying the whole bottome side of the media. I used rubbing alcohol to clean my media surface and that seems to work on finger stains which in part is also oily but I could be wrong with the rust olem stain. Just do a small spot test with denature alcohol to see what results you get.

Too late guys, the rust-oleum that is dried in is really stuck on, i tried to use turpentine, and like the guy above said, it destroyed the surface of the disc and the inner hole on the disk is now cracking.

I guess you learn from mistakes. Anyways, its coming from his paycheck to buy a new one.

Sorry things did not work but this is a new area for all of us so all advice is “use at your oun risk”. It is always better to try to make a copy the disc rather then try to polish out minor sratches.

yep, its ok, thanks for your time