Ahhh.... LiteOn or BenQ or NEC?

Hello folks,
It’s that time again… need a new burner. My LT-1633S is in it’s dying minutes. (Does not recognize a disc for burning unless PC is rebooted). Well, what can I say, it’s been under quite a load :slight_smile:

Anyway… I am a bit overwhelmed w/ information on current drives selection and would appreciate any recs. I’ve had LiteOn’s 4xx 8xx 16xx. And I am willing to “jump ship” if necessary, the question is what brand/model

What I am looking for in drive:

  • High Quality burns
  • Abilty to do quality scans (K-probe for LiteOn)
  • Firmware updates (utilities like omnipatcher)
  • Book Type change (my 1633S was set to DVD-ROM for +R once and for all. i did not have to set it for every burn. Does BenQ, NEC. allow to do this?)
  • Multi-region (rpc1)
  • Read-lock - this term is a new one for me since I have not any problems/limits w/ read on my LiteOn’s. What’s the story with this nowdays? I see this term bin use all over the forum
  • LiteScribe

SHM-165H6S - i read that LightScribe is slow, what is the story w/ comparable drives by BenQ, NEC. Even w/ slow LightScribe how does it measures agains criteriums mentions above?

Thank you,

benq 1655 :wink:

I don;t know much about the latest and greatest Liteys, having only owned a few up to (and including) the 1635S (which is a very nice drive BTW). :slight_smile:

But the BenQ 1655 sounds like it could fit your needs - I have two 1650s (the non-LS version of the 1655), and they’re excellent all round - burning and scanning.

As for booktyping - yes, you can download and use QSuite for that. Scans can be done with CD-DVD Speed.

About modded firmware/RPC1, I have no clue, since I’ve not had any use for either.

Yeah, there’s an RPC-1 firmware on the Dangerous Brothers website, and you can use MediaCodeSpeedEdit to get rid of the rip-lock on the DW1655

Hi :slight_smile:
tik-tak, the BenQ meets your needs quick, relatively quiet, good to exceptional burns (but currently not DL) LS etc. That said the Lite-On isn’t bad, just not quite as good. For QSuite + manual+MCSE see links in my sig. For rpc1 f/w tdb. :bow:

Thanks for the input, guys.
What the deal w/ BenQ and DL media? I have a few DVD’s to backup… Is there a particular problem w/ Verbatim DL’s?