Ahead see this: Burned DVD Media has a Grove 1cm from the inside and makes cd unread

Subject: Problem: Burned DVD Media has a Grove 1cm from the inside and makes Disc unreadable…
Ahead…ask your tech dept…if anyone has heard of something like this…I am desperate…and and search the entire web for this…with NO LUCK at all.

I am new to DVD burning…but this just seems wrong.

I have a MSI DR8-A DVD Burner, and everytime I burn at 2X the DVD burn is Fine, BUT…when I burn at Max Speed or 4X.

This is what I get: The disc is evenly burned except about 1cm in from the center…it is as if the burned area is clear(er) from the rest of the burn

also the shade of the Burn from the center to the bad area 1cm mark…is LIGHTer than the rest of the burn.

now when I say “center” of the DVD…I mean WHERE BURNING starts…NOT the HOLE. :slight_smile:

OK…the DVD is not readable 100% but…lets just say…on Various DVD Player weather on PC or Home DVD Players…there will be points where the DVd will Skip…and Total Pause…and Program freeze…

By the way…all the Media I tried has been DVD-R.
and these Brands I have tried.
Princo, Ritek, Minis, Maxsell, and now my latest and most expensive…Verbatim.

I used the Following Burning Programs:
Nero 6300
BlindWrite Suite
and a bunch of others…

SAME RESULTS…no matter what Burning program or Media I use…

BUT…there is NO bad burn area…visually speaking…when I burn at 2-2.4X…hmmmmm

Anyone else have this Problem?
Look at the Bottom of your DVDs latelt?

My Machine is:
P4c/at 800mhz
DFI 875ProB Mainboard (the best P4 mainboard arround)
Kingston 2x512Mb RAM = 1Gig Dual Channel at 800Mhz@
On-boad Intel GigLAN
On-Board C3-Media Sound
MSI-DVD-RW model# DR8-A Firmware 130D latest.
3 HDs: IDE (0) Seagate SATA 120gig,
Maxtor ATA 133 80 gig and a maxtor ATA 60 Gig
all this powered by a Enermax 365 Watt PS
in a Antec SuperLANBoy Case.

This case has 2 x120cm Fans also…and working…Heat is NOT an issue in this case…

It is NOT Too COLD either…did temp test on all IDE units…all were above 12 to 13 Degrees Celcius at standstill point.

I can’t Figure this out…If you think it is the Burner…then it is.
BUT…if you even heard of this probelm before using anyother name brand burner then let’s here your suggestions…i will try it before i give up.

Being a Tech Support myself…I have taken every route I can.
but…my tech support is only in Networks and Desktop workstations…multimedia…only when it comes to gaming.

I thank you in Advance for you Help.
aka [DS]-DARK-NEMESIS for all you UT FANs

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