Ahead releases new version of InCD -

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  tazdevl, OC-Freak, giantgrow and  code65536 used our news submit to tell us "InCD, which was announced by Ahead nearly a month  ago, has finally been released. An official...
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I am yet to meet any packet writing software that didn’t cause problems. I’ll pass…

…actually, the 4.xx versions are very good. I haven’t gotten any problems at all. Almost too good to be true :slight_smile: However, the real problem lies in that DVD/CD really isn’t the medium for floppy-like access… The only good application I have found to InCD due to the differences in version(the thought of old dosc with important data not readable in newer versions creeps me out, even though that is guaranteed not to happen) is storing BACK-UPS of my digital photos. But even in this, I will write them in casual format to a DVD+R the very moment I reach >4GB :wink:

This version works a lot better than the versions 3 releases. I frequently had packet written discs go corrupt in version 3, especially if the disc was originally formatted with Roxio DirectCD. Version 4 works very well for me and I find it quicker in most cases than the old version. I have yet to see any packet written discs go corrupt with this version.