Ahead releases network & duplication software - and AAC codec

I just posted the article Ahead releases network & duplication software - and AAC codec.

Ahead, the german company behind the famous Nero Burning ROM software package, has today made available three new products. The company has introduced NeroROBO, NeroNET and an MPEG-4-AAC Audio…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/4906-Ahead-releases-network--duplication-software---and-AAC-codec.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/4906-Ahead-releases-network--duplication-software---and-AAC-codec.html)

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Maybe I’m missing the point, but you still need someone to man the burner machine. if 100 disks is all the autos can do, that’s not very much. I can see how it might make sending the disk image to the burner server a little easier, but I imagine the price of the software is way over priced.

i have to agree with nider. but since burning over a network doesn’t seem all to safe to me i’m not gonna try this for now.

I’m supprised Nero hasn’t implemented OGG yet as it already has VQF implmeneted; an extinct codec. I’d say MPEG-2/4 AAC is more suited for MPEG-4 Video rather than a standalone codec as MPEG-2 Audio is typically coupled with MPEG-2 Video. E.g. Dolby digital AC3 supports a 2 channel mode as well as 5.1 channels and nearly all DVDs use it, but you don’t see many AC3 encoded songs floating about the net :wink:

I wondered when they would try to capitalize on Padus markets. Unfortunately, the robotic market is a lost cause.

Robotics wouldn’t be a lost if they would adapt a 24x burner into the old NEC 4x4 or 6x4 changer case. You could burn 4 CDs in a drive that costs little more than a single tray drive.