Ahead releases Nero InfoTool v2.00, now reports hardware info

I just posted the article Ahead releases Nero InfoTool v2.00, now reports hardware info.

  BadReligionPR also  reports us that Ahead has released an update of their InfoTool software.  This latest version has undergone some changes and will now also report  information on your...
Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/6040-Ahead-releases-Nero-InfoTool-v2_00-now-reports-hardware-info.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/6040-Ahead-releases-Nero-InfoTool-v2_00-now-reports-hardware-info.html)

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it’s ridiculous. the tool is created by a german guy, but there is no german version, as it seems. no national pride in him, I guess… why must everything be english?

There could be a german version too i guess. But then again when clony was only in german that was quite annoying too. At almost everybody can understand english, even germans :wink:

At least …

Erik Deppe is no German, he comes from Belgium. Check your facts before complaining.

Finally this version is able to detect my SONY DRU-500AX on an ATA card. But the system option , can’t find my real GFX card ( a Gforce Fx 5200 Ultra) and shows a Gforce MX 4200 ¿?

Please don´t complain guy´s,there has NEVER been a Swedish version of NerInfoTool!:stuck_out_tongue:

maybe he’s from Belgium, but Ahead is from Germany and this tool is released as part of the Nero programme, besides, as far as I know, Deppe works for Nero. When he starts working for english companies, then he can release progs in english only, but at present state he shouldn’t totally forget what country Ahead is from.