Ahead releases Nero Enterprise Edition - supported by Intel

I just posted the article Ahead releases Nero Enterprise Edition - supported by Intel.

Ahead has released a press release today announcing an enterprise version of their popular burning software package Nero. The Nero Enterprise Edition is a powerful CD/DVD recording application…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/5440-Ahead-releases-Nero-Enterprise-Edition---supported-by-Intel.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/5440-Ahead-releases-Nero-Enterprise-Edition---supported-by-Intel.html)

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Go Ahead, always the best :slight_smile:

that’s old news. and besides, it’s no new edition, all the enterprise functions are already in the normal nero you can download from their site, you just have to insert an enterprise serial to activate it. I don’t think this news is interesting for the average cdfreaks visitors, because Extensible Firmware Interface works only on 64 bit systems, as far as I know

Nero still does not support Romeo mode which EasyCD, CD Mate and some others do. Why? I wonder.

It also doesn’t support extended length Joliet names like CDRWIN.

It seems to me that Enterprise Edition doesn’t have Nero Image Drive :wink: BTW,back to OEM version :slight_smile: This is OLD NEWS

Anytime “Ahead” makes an advance it’s intereseting & definitely :slight_smile: CdFreaks worthy. The dissapointing news is that I still do not see anything about DVD-A authoring… :slight_smile:

Now that DaemonTools does .nrg files, who needs Nero Image drive?

Since when does DAEMON Tools support NRG files?! As far as I know, the DAEMON Tools team were only given permission to allow this if the Nero Image drive program was installed on the machine. I doubt very much that they would go against that!

i was wondering why my Nero window was titled “Nero Burning ROM Enterprise Edition -” and in Help/About, “Version Enterprise Edition” good to know my Nero can do more than i need it to… :d always room to do more!