Ahead Nero changelog

I just posted the article Ahead Nero changelog.

As we reported yesterday Nero was updated. At that time the changelog hadn’t been posted yet. But now it’s avaialble. So, here is the changelog from Nero to


Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/3156-Ahead-Nero-5_5_7_2-changelog.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/3156-Ahead-Nero-5_5_7_2-changelog.html)

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I wander if Ahead will ever give Nero a Cloner function like CloneCD.

I hope Ahead does add 1:1 Copy capabilities to Nero. Then we all would have one application to satisfy all our burning needs. By the way, is there a a better program to detect copy protection on CDs other than CLONY?

I think Ahead should stick to their own thing and should not add 1:1 RAW mode copying. Why? Well we have CloneCD for this so why bother? Use both programs to get the best of both worlds! Nice changelog by the way :slight_smile: It’s working great over here!

Great program certainly, but look how many bugs the had to do :frowning: Each new release of late has had HEAPS of bug fixes.

That should of been bugs they had to fix :wink:

yes, i am happy using two different appz for burning. CloneCD for 1:1 copies and nero for everything else… i always hated when one app tries to do everything(audiocatalyst). Keep up the good werk Nero! i luv your software… cept that it cant seem to burn mode2 *.cue files. bit of a drawback…still stuck using fireburner.

The lastest version of Nero doesnt work with my plextor drives and original copy of Nero(so **** em) I paid for software that no longer supports my drive! I want my money ahead :8 p.s. works great :slight_smile: Anyone else had a prob with this new version with the Plextor 12x10x32S under Windows XP

If ahead would implement a 1:1 copy function it would be forbidden in the usa for sure … i dont think ahead would risk such a thing … this could take away sevreal costumers

using a yamaha 8824e here. works with upgraded to and it would hang when i burn. downgraded back to, works again. yey. i always liked nero and always said good things about them… but now they suck. i do hope they change this.

Until Ahead release a new version, it looks like lots of other peeps are stuck with :frowning: ahh well I guess another day and a bug fixed version for Plextor SCSI will be released :8 ! The Diplomat!

same sad story with my plex12.10.32.S, gone back to you would think they would check

Fixes my plextor 124TS (SCSI) Sub Channel writting (CD-Text) which has been broken for a loooong time! Go figure…

it refuses to work with my plextor 12/10/32ts