Ahead about Nero v5.0 stability problems

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Nero 5 stability

As written by Charly Lippoth of Ahead software:

I was really surprised at the…

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i have had an error in testing the speed of my HDD with nero 5.0and this is a dedicated HDD for copying ,i uninstalled nero 5 and reinstalled a version 4 no probs with speed reading of my HDD,then uninstalled 4 reinstalled 5.0 read the speed of my HDD error was the response,it dosent seem to affect the copy capabilties jsut one of those annoying probs that makes u think if everything on your system is working correct
I wonder if im the only person with this little problem

I have the same problem with the speed detection thing… cept that I cant even make cds. Again works fine in ver 4.

I also used Nero and it gave me an error making a direct copy cd-to-cd, it was an inconsistence error. So i installed again the only retail version that i have - nero - and the same job for the copy was ok…i wrote to Ahead with the exact message prompted by nero but they sent to me a mail with the instructions to register the software…are they stupid???

I installed Nero because I could not find the retail version that I got with my Teac 58s. I have lots of blue screens and quite a few coasters. I am running Win98 SE and no other software.

I also have the speed recon problem but it does not affect anything than the msg, I havent tried a direct copy yet…
Another bug is when I try to make a simulation and after the real burning, sometimes NERO asks for a confirmation after the simulation sometimes it does not…
For the sake of once I tought that could be a timer or something so I left it waiting for the confirmation more than 40 minutes…
Other times the burn began automatically after 5 seconds…

Same problems here.
Cannot test HDD speed.
And CD to CD does most of the times not work.
I’ll write down the error mess. next time.

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