Ah, this sux juz got the ltr-40125s, makes too many errors

I bought some cheap 16x PNYs, and burning at 40x it makes too many errors like 50%. I thought smart-burn would automatically slow down the speed and prevent such massive error. What is going on?

I know cheap media would not burn at 40x but i thought it would not burn at 40x “ONLY” if you force it to burn at 40x. But if i turn on smart-burn i thought/was hoping that it would slow down the speed and prevent errors…

Damn, juz finished doing a surface scan on the 16x PNYs, i burned these at 16x too.

Good: 97.14%
Damaged: 2.65%
Unreadable: 0.21%

Oh well, I guess im going to get that 10 dollar rebate back, which means i only wasted 5 dollars.

BTW, which firmware is the best for my model?

As you said not all media is rated equal. Get some better media and give it another try.

One other thing to qualify, were you overburning or staying within the 700MB capacity of the disc? If you overburn, there will always be a small amount of errors.

i burned 3 episodes of anime which takes up 691 megs…i believe these gay PNYs are really really really cheap…

BTW, when you do these test do you test the file itself or do a surface scan? If surface scan, would a smudge surface greatly affect the outcome?

If it’s very filthy it might show in the surface scan.

if you use shitty media to write with you will always get bad write quality on the finished cd it is worth spending a few pound more on your media i am using datasafe media at the moment and they are excellent they cost me about £20 uk there are two makers of this media princo and ritek and they are both good but i would say the princo are better

 cheers  spike