AGP speeds

Something im confused about. 8x slots are supposed to be backwards compatible with 4x cards.

So does that mean that if i put an 8x card in my 4x slot it would work? My mobo is the Gigabyte GA-7ZX(-1) which supports AGP 4x.

The card im looking at is the ATI AIW 9700 Pro, but im not sure it would work.

Could someone please clarify this for me?

not to sure but it should work without any problems.
my Geforce4 TI 4800SE is AGP 8x card and works fine in my ASUS motherboard and it only has a AGP 4x slot.

i’m pretty sure the card would simply run at agp 4x instead of 8x, altho there’s no real increase in performance w/ 8x anyway (at least for now).

Yes, it works. At least my 8x 9700pro’s do (on Gigabyte 4x and Asus 4x mobo). It won’t work on older AGP busses though (1x). Your mainboard manual should cover this topic.

A 8x card in a 4x slot isn’t a problem, but 1x, 2x and universal AGP cards can give problems with modern boards.

ok thanks a lot, question answered.
I think i’ll use tax refund money towards a new gfx card.:wink: