Agp speed instellen




kan iemand mij vertellen hoe je je AGP speed kan instellen op je moederbord?
want ik heb een viper 550 op een ASUS k7m moederbord die maar constant vast loopt in diverse games.


to set agp on the board check the manual
to set the bios check your FAQ on the internet at the importeur
to set windows:
edit>NEW>StringValue (make new entry)
name it “AGP”
rightclick on the mouse choose AGP
fill in your value 1X or 2X or 4X
add a new enty AGPSB the same way
value “OFF” (or “ON”)
choose exit and restart your pc
sorry only in english :0


If that doesn’t work. Then also disable the “Super Bypass” in your bios. causes a lot of problems and doesn’t do to much.
Wie doesn’t this smilie work for me?