AGP Slot

I am in need of help how do I determine on my mother board which is a gigabyte GA-8SDX if it is version 2.0

From Gigabyte’s website :

Socket 478 for Intel® FC-PGA2 Pentium® 4 processors
3 168-Pin DIMMs support up to 3GB PC133 SDRAM
Supports AGP 4X, CNR,and 4 USB ports
Supports UDMA ATA 100/66 IDE devices
Provides Creative CT5880 audio
Supports ACPI and STR (Suspend-To-RAM)
Supports DualBIOSâ„¢, EasyTune IIIâ„¢, @BIOSâ„¢and Q-Flashâ„¢
Multi-FSB, CPU, SDRAM, AGP voltage setting by BIOS

Here you can find it’s latest bios F3F Beta.

Supports AGP 4X does this mean it does not support version 2.0

No, it does support, AGP 2.0 devices are AGP 4x.

Thanks for all of the help Mr. Belvedere, Fallen my main problem seams to be my motherboard and the new video card VISIONTEK Xtasy 4600 TI 128mb I have heard there are problems with the abit motherboards and this card which I had for a week before installing this one, my tower has been wiped out 3 times already P-4 1.8 mhz 386 megs of ram windows 98se . this is tech response. 1. AGP Slot in the Motherboard Must be version 2.0
2. Power Supply must be at least 350W or better
3. IRQ must be set on IRQ 11 or 10 and can not be share with any other devices (PCI Bus and PCI Steering are OK to be Share with the Card)
4. DirectX 8.0a or better
5. Window XP, make sure you are using 27.50
drivers they work best on XP.
6. Download the latest version of driver from
7. Update the MotherBoard BIOS (CMOS) and ChipSet. or
Check with the Manufacture for specific information about your System in other to meet these extra requirements.


VisionTek Tech Support

its always better to have more power than is necessary, as the computer will only use what it needs.

i’d try stripping out components taht arent necessary, and using the card with minimal hardware attached. if it still doesnt work, upgrade to XP from 98se :wink: it may be buggy, but it may just be whats stopping ya…you never know with microsoft

Try the card on another computer…
This way you might know if the card is the probllem or not.
Also try anoter video card on your machine to check if the motherboard is the probllem.