AGP Question

i was just wondering if this MB:
Processor Name: Intel® Pentium® 4 CPU 2.40B GHz
Type: 0
Family: F
Model: 2
Stepping: 7
Revision: 37
L1 Trace Cache: 12 Kµops
L1 Data Cache: 8 KB
L2 Cache: 512 KB
Packaging: FC-PGA2
MMX™: Yes
SIMD2: Yes
Enhanced Halt State: No
Execute Disable Bit: No
Hyper-Threading Technology: No
Processor Frequency: 2.40 GHz
Bus Frequency: 533 MHz

will support an XFX Geforce 6600 GT 8X AGP Video Card.

video cards are supported by the mother board. So unless tours is PCi X which i don’t think it is it should support it

You’re only posting info regarding the CPU so it’s kinda hard to determine whether your mainboard have an AGP slot or not.

yes it has an AGP slot but im not sure if it 8X, im kinda new to this stuff

Try EVEREST. It can tell you ALOT about your comp and gfx.


thanks alot dude that prog told me everything i needed to know. which raises another ques! since this is an 8x AGP graphics card will it run in a 4x slot? I dont care if it wont run at full 8x i just need it to work.

Hmm yeah i think it would. My old GeForce4 Ti ran @ 4X it worked fine in my 8x agp slot. I gess it depends on the mother board. This is what EVEREST says for my board and new gfx card:


In general, 8x and 4x are normally 100% compatible - 8x AGP cards would have a very limited market otherwise.

The major BREAK is between AGP 1.0 specification (1x/2x and 3.3v) and AGP 2.0 specification (4x / 1.5v) - AGP 3.0 is 8x, (1.5v with 0.8v signalling).

Keying should prevent it, but do not attempt to fit an old 3.3v AGP card into a modern 1.5v board, and compatibility of modern cards with old 3.3v boards, even if dual-keyed to fit, can be poor.

Just think of the modern standard as “4x-8x” for both, and you’ll probably be ok (where the card does not use an extra power connector, that still leaves slot power issues, mostly on older boards).

ok it should work then. Thank You all for all your help very very much.

Yes, it’ll run in a 4X slot although the keyholes aren’t always reliable (esp on old video cards).