AGP 4X motherboard can have what max speed graphics card?

I need a faster display card for my AGP 4X motherboard. What is the max speed
I can put in ?

And is there a web site that explain this ?

u can put most 8X cards in to 4X motherboards as they scale down good cards at the moment to buy is the 7600 gt :slight_smile: and i dont know of any web sites if i find one ill post u a link :slight_smile:

I just checked what the 7600gt is capable of and it says 601mghz, well that would be a big difference to the 2 mghz thats in my old second hand pc, where I can not even watch avi movies, because they skip frames on slow graphic cards and completely freeze
up after 2 minutes of watching a 60 minute movie.

whats specs on rest of the machine youre going to run it in ? :slight_smile:

I agree with marcus_667 what kinda specs do you have on your machine and what program are you using to watch movies? I have a 7600 GS 8x in my 1.5G system and it can play neverwinter nights 2 a graphics intensive game better then my previous 5500 8x card. I suspect you have some hardware problem or software installed causing your problem.

Im not home right now, but I would need to know if a 2mghz card is suppose to be able to run large movies smoothly non stop ?
It happens on all video players, realplayer, media player 10, Power DVD 6.
Or could it be if my ram is too low ? I think its 100mg ram.
The cpu is 800mghz.

I don’t know what is 2mghz. Do you mean 2mb of Vram? If so it will have problems, I had a 1mb video card on a P1 where it lagged horribly with real player (a really old version). But then when I got a 16mb card (shared with system ram) it could run all players perfectly.

800mhz should be enough for media players that don’t require advanced technologies. (like the nvidia purevideo)

Ram doesn’t go in 100 MB, I don’t know what combination of sticks you have to make up 100, but I guess it’s 128? If it’s not shared it should be fine with [B]regular[/B] players, playing regular video.

Your system is too slow for a 7600, and I don’t think your power supply can handel it either. (from your specs I guess it’s a sub 300W?)