Agp 2.0



Is the Intel 440BX chipset "AGP 2.0 compliant"?

The Hercules 3D Prophet 4000XT, a 3D graphics card based on STMicroelectronics's Kyro chipset requires AGP 2.0 - will it work on this MoBo?


According to Intel’s documentation here , it only supports AGP 1.0


Thanks. I looked everywhere! I’ve got 50MB of cache from Intel alone!

1 AGP Slot
— AGP Interface Specification Rev 1.0 Compliant
— AGP 66/133 MHz, 3.3V device support
Now, this means that the Hercules 3D Prophet 4000XT will only run at 2x, eh?


Yes , it will run 2x on AGP 1.0

Check this for that info.


heh, heh, yep found that already. But I’m thinking that this MoBo in question, didn’t know about 1.5V when it was made; and the BIOS updates for it make no mention of compatibility with AGP 2.0 1.5V. What I can’t establish is if the Hercules card will run at 3.3V (I know it fits and won’t run - it freezes so I’m thinking this is the problem). Hercules have not replied to me & their website doesn’t talk about 3.3V compatibility; now, if you can find that, I’ll owe you :wink:

btw, it’s not my system, just trying to help someone who I think has bought the wrong card!