Agneovo monitor new with pixel burned

i bught a new agneovo monitor 17
i saw a burned pixel
what can i do? agneovo change the monitor only if i have 5 pixel burned

this is a stupid question but why i have a burned pixel ?

Feel fortunate that you only have one dead pixel. Most manufacturers will only replace the monitor if you have 8 dead pixels together.
Think about how many pixels are on the screen 1280 x 1024=1310720 pixels x 3(1 each of R G B)=3932160 total pixels. An article to read that explains the whole thing:

yeah but monitor is new ! it’s 2 weeks old :a :a :a

its not too bad - 1 is within acceptable range just about by any mfg

My Dell 20" has 1 burnt pixel - I don’t mind it

umm yes but my AGNEOVO x17 is new

can i do something to avoid the burning pixels?!?!?!? :bow:

Don’t look at the burning pixel?

: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
i’m sure u haven’t this problem

Ive heard that rubbing the area can sometimes bring the pixel to life although i wouldnt recommend it, still amazes me why people want TFT’s when good old CRT’s have a better image quality and dont suffer with the dead pixel poblem and are also much cheaper, i am yet to come across a TFT that doesnt have a atleast 1 dead pixel.

I have exactly 1 dead pixel, always on, on all of my LCD’s.

Some have a tighter specification for any pixel faults closer to centre.

The relevent standard, ISO (International Standards Organization) 13406-2, makes no distinction as to where the defects may occur. My search provided no manufacturer’s information on that either. Some data?

CRTs are the best for gaming, LCDs are easier on the eyes.
If you tend to spend more time reading news/email/other non-gaming stuff, get an LCD.

My only beef with LCDs is their crappy resolution ratios.

Check the link you posted yourself. :wink:
The review is a little outdated, and some may have changed their policy.

I didn’t request anyone, other than the original poster, to “check the link” I posted. I asked for supporting data. The link wasn’t posted for the review, but for the relevent ISO Standard, and to explain the dead pixel syndrome. The ISO Standard has not been updated. Verify information prior to posting it as fact.
In the event I have to do another Master’s Thesis, I’ll be sure to forward it to you for review.

Do you really expect only the “original poster” to check links posted on a public forum? If you’re that worried about others checking links you post, there’s a PM function.

When he said, “Some have a tighter specification for any pixel faults closer to centre”, He was talking about the manufacturers themselves, not the ISO Standard. I know the ISO Standard hasn’t been updated, but it dosen’t mean manufacturers can’t update their “own” standards on dead pixel return policy.

The ISO Standard is only just that, a Standard.
Not every manufacturer follows the ISO Standard, not every manufacturer follows JEDEC specification, not every manufacturer follows ATI/Nvidia’s GPU reference designs…

I’ll read your second Master’s thesis and gladly await your Ph.D dissertation as well.

I expect individuals to be able to take the information and evaluate it based on the context in which it was presented. I don’t remember posting any indication that I was “worried” about anything. A logical thought process is assumed.

I asked for data to support this assertion.

It was presented to give an indication as to the number of pixels that may be defective on a display

You’re all heart.

Additional Link posted for information only:

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Ok… :rolleyes:

That page, and the next 3 pages after that.

Yes, and some manufacturers decided to use that Standard # to base their defective/dead pixel policy. Some didn’t.

Because not everybody has room for a behemoth 19" CRT that would leave no space in my room when a 17 LCD gives you the same viewing area and takes up a fraction of the space. I think that LCD’s have better colour, but the black levels are not as good. My LCD has 8ms refresh rate, and have not seen any ghosting at all. My biggest complaint with LCD’s are that the viewing angles suck and that you have to run them at their native resolutions since they interpolate poorly.For web surfing they are the best, easiest on the eyes.
This is my second LCD and the previous one was a Samsung with no dead pixels. I have only has this one a week(Viewsonic) and no burnt pixels(knock on wood).

good old CRT’s have a better image quality and dont suffer with the dead pixel poblem and are also much cheaper, i am yet to come across a TFT that doesnt have a atleast 1 dead pixel

“Image Quality” is totally subjective. CRT’s do not have better image quality to me. There’s plenty of good reasons to prefer TFT, including space requirements, power consumption and heat.
My iiyama has no dead pixels and is flawless for gaming and movies.

Now if you guys are through hijacking this thread, perhaps someone can address the OP’s questions. There’s nothing you can do about dead pixels, you can’t prevent them. Most sellers and makers of TFT’s now have a policy that prevents you from returning a monitor unless there are a certain number of dead pixels. But you should check with the store that sold you the monitor to see if this is the case.