Aging and older DVD media scans

We will survive it :wink:

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Ricoh DVD+R 16x RICOHJPN R03
Burnt in 2008, probably with Pioneer DVR-111 or slim TSST T632

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Another RICOHJPN R03 16x DVD+R.
Burnt in 2008 probably with Pioneer DVR-111 or slim TSST T632.
See also this thread. I think it is a pretty reliable media.

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Discs: Taiyo yuden 16x dvd-r 100 shrinkwrap
Drive: NEC ND-3550A
Burned February 2007
Scanned 20 April 2020

Everyone use to complain about TYG bonding issues, is this a sample about to die?
Also anyone know what the red PIF markers mean?

I have the same issues on some DVD-R with my ND-3540 (and some other writers, especially DVR-217). In most cases these spikes appears only on scan-drives with MTK-chipset.

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You said MTK-chipset drives? I have a TEAC CD-W552E (CD-RW), ASUS DRW-1814BL and DRW-1814BLT. Also ASUS CB-5216A (Combo CD-RW/DVD-ROM) have MediaTek chipset? I know that ASUS DRW-1814BL had this chipset. It is good, I have it. I post a scan with a Princo DVD burned on my ASUS DRW-1814BL to see if appear spikes on scanning.

Scanning, not burning with MTK-based writers. Only DVD-media should have this issue.

Not sure how it is with writing, but I have this issue mostly on DVD -R and NEC-based writers like my Pioneer DVR-217 and NEC ND-3540. But these writers are completely different drive-generations.

Uhm, looks like my Monarch DVD+R 4x (VDSPMSAB 001) and Lifetec DVD-R 1x (PRINCO) are superior to this media