Aging and older DVD media scans



My first posting on DVD Test Quality.
ASUS DRW-1608P , unknown firmware revision, unknown burning speed (I guess 4x).
4.08 GB (4176 MB) burned
Date Burned : 11 December 2005.
Media ID:AN31 (Anwell Precision Technology Ltd.)
Tested with my ASUS SDRW-08U7M-U A101 with Nero DiscSpeed 12
The disc is not scratched.
no hub code
stamper code: DVD-R 4X 4F063
Sold as X-DATA 4.7GB 4x DVD-R (purple color)

The screenshots say all of the above.


Not bad for a burn from 2005


SONY DVD-R 1x-8x AccuCORE (SONY08D1)
Written with PIONEER DVR-RW DVR-108 1.20 at 4x on 15 Feb 2006


Imation DVD+R 4x (CMC MAG F01)
Written with PIONEER DVR-RW DVR-108 1.20 at 4x on 2 Apr 2005


Writer: Benq 1640
Firmware: BSHB
Media: Primedisc DVD+R 8x
Burn Speed: 8x
Software: Nero 6 ?
Burned 2005

Scanned with different drives, but even the last scan show a good condition




What have you just bought? CD/DVD related or otherwise

LG GSA-4163B
Platinum DVD+R 8x RITEK R03
Burned 21.02.2006, scanned just now.

Yes, seems to be a stable media.


LG GSA-4163B
Maxell DVD+R 16x RICOHJPN-R03-04

Burned 05.11.2007, scanned April 2017.


Verbatim DVD+R 16x (MCC-004-00)
Written at 4x on 2 Oct 2010


Recorder: NEC ND2510A, FW. 2.15
Media: That’s Write DVD-R 8X
Recording speed: 4x
Burned: 2006
Scanned: 2018


My LiteOn eTAU108 shows Jitter only rarely.
Am I doing something wrong?


Usually with a drive it either shows jitter or does not show at all. What version of discspeed are you using?

#994 and 11.
Scanned a 4.7GB DVD-Video.
Only a small area had jitter at all. The rest did not have any purple line.
And that small area only appeared after finishing the scan.


Does this happen with all media? Can you post a scan?


No, only that one DVD so far.

I will post a scan as soon as I have time and happen to use the disc again.
I am sure I have a screenshot somewhere, but finding it can take a long time.


Emtec 1-4x DVD-R, burned in 2005. No MID code, unknown manufacturer, stamper produced by Plasmon.


GigaMaster 4x DVD+R, burned in 2005. MID: VDSPMSAB 001, unknown manufacturer (possibly Infosmart).


X 8x DVD-R, burned in 2005 or 2006. MID: fake TYG02, unknown manufacturer (possibly Infosmart).


R 16x DVD+R, burned in 2007. MID: fake MCC 004, unknown manufacturer (possibly Infosmart).


Bad results, but interesting media


Verbatim DVD-R 16x (TYG03)
Written with HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-4163B at 4x on 27 Jul 2007