Aging and older DVD media scans



Media: noname rated at 4x
Recorder: NEC ND-2500A
Recording speed: unknown
Recorded: 2004
Scanned 2017

I remember those disc were problematic in 2004 - not every drive would read them. Some delamination started to form on the inner edges of the disc.


Twister 4x DVD-R (TAROKO-MX4), burned 10 years ago.

#965 4x DVD+R (DT-D02 02), burned in 5/2008.

initial scan


Media: Memorex DVD+R
Recorder: NEC ND-2510A
Recording speed: 4x
Recorded: 2006
Scanned 2017
Stored inside DVD wallet


Princo DVD-R x1-x4
Slim LiteOn SSM-85H5S recording in the area around 2007r.


All scans are from 2017?


All scans are from 2017?

All tests done yesterday.


So we can only guess how good the media was directly after the burn?


Writer: LG GH24NSB0
Media: Verbatim DVD-R 16x, Stamper: ZE5202-DVR-J47F4
Recording speed: 8x
Burn date: 26.11.2014
Scan date: 08.11.2017


Writer: Pioneer DVR-111
Media: Verbatim DVD+R 16x
Burnt: 2006
Scanned: 12.12.2017
Probably not a best scanner, sorry about that.


Writer: Pioneer DVR-111
Media: Digidata DVD-R 16x
Burnt: 2007
Scanned: 12.12.2017


Platinum 8x DVD+R / RICOHJPN R02
Manufactured by Ritek in 10/2004

Burned 13 years ago with LiteOn LDW-451S @4x

Disc 1



Platinum 8x DVD+R / CMC MAG E01
Manufactured in 03/2006

Burned 11 years ago with LG GSA-4163B @8x


Today you will have a hard time to get media which is better directly after burn


Sierra 8x DVD-R / DAXON008S

Burned 12 years ago

The PIF clusters are big scratches


Writer: NEC AD-3530A
Firmware ?
Media: Octron DVD-R 8x
Burn Speed: 8x
Software: ?
Burned 2006
Scanned 2018

Yep, it G05 :wink:


Commax 8x DVD+R - burned 7 days ago and already showing possible signs of data degradation.
initial scan


Commax 8x DVD+R - burned 18 days ago. No signs of aging.
initial scan


Grundig 1-16x DVD+R burned more than 4,5 years ago.
initial scan


Emtec Gold 4x DVD-R, burned more than 4,5 years ago.
initial scan