Aging and older DVD media scans




Emgeton 4x DVD-R Video Oxygen Surface, burned more than 10 years ago.
2006 scan


Emtec 16x DVD-R (made by Megan Media in Malaysia), burned almost 7 years ago.


Multidisc 8x (made by Eximpo Czech Republic), burned 81 months ago.
initial scan


Unbranded 4x DVD+R (VDSPMSAB-001-001), burned ~6 months ago.
initial scan


Intenso 8x DVD-R, burned 56 months ago.
initial scan


MaxTec 16x DVD-R (TTH02), burned 21 months ago.
initial scan


Becker 4x DVD-R (VDSPMSAB 01), burned 45 months ago. Medium cannot be read past 97% mark.
initial scan


VDL ODMS demo/test medium, burned almost 5 years ago
no initial scan


Swisstec 8x DVD-R (fake TYG02), burned ~52 months ago.
no initial scan


Verbatim 4x DVD-R (MCC01RG20, made in Taiwan by Prodisc)
written August, 28th 2004 on an NEC ND-2510A @ 4x, scan today (May, 9th 2014):

QPxTool scans (PI8, PIE - PIF, PO8 - POE):
PI8: 75463 , 21, 4.21 (total, max, avg.)
PIE: 75463, 8, 0.53,
PIF: 1328, 5, 0.01,
PO8: 2826, 66, 0.16,
POE: 2826, 38, 0.02,
POF: 0


3A Media 4x DVD-R (Plasmon 1A), burned 9,5 years ago.
no initial scan


Sky DVD+R (SKYMEDIA R01), burned almost 4 years ago.
initial scan


Blupop 16x DVD-R (SONY16D1, made by Lead Data Taiwan), burned 7 years ago.
no initial scan


Memorex 4x DVD-R (CMC MAG. AF1),
written on an NEC ND-2510A @ 4x on April, 22nd 2005:


Verbatim 8x DVD+R DL (UMEDISC DL1-064), burned almost 2,5 years ago.
initial scan


I think this is the oldest DVD-R I have.

MID: MCC 00RG200
Apple Branded
burned at 4x probably with Pioneer A04 or A06


TDK Branded 2x
package says Made in Japan
burned in 2002

I had an entire 10 pack of these fail on me six months after I burned them. The TOC was unreadable on the whole lot. I’m surprised this one has lasted.


MID TDKG02000000
Inkjet printable
burned in early 2000s
Surprisingly this disc still plays. Verified disc quality with Kprobe.


TDK Branded
Burned in 2002

Opti-Drive wouldn’t read, errored out, scanned with KProbe.