Aging and older DVD media scans

Good question. If no visible damage of use or something it´s not a good sign. I don´t trust Benq much because my 1640s show sometimes very different results, the drives are very old, and the joke the drives sometimes shows POF at scanning but can read the disc flawless, but if other drives also show increasing PIF at the end I would make a backup if the data is important.

I have discs stored in jewel cases for almost a decade and I have not noticed such a problem. But because of lack of space I am now using cake boxes.

Is there a sticker label on the disc?

No, it’s an inkjet printable surface not touched by anything yet. Are stickers dangerous even for DVD discs? (not that I intend to use any, but on CDs it got directly in contact with protective lacquer, while there is 0,6 mm poly-carbonate on DVD media).

You ask a very good question. I don’t remember what the thread about that posted here not too long ago said about that. I wonder if inkjet-printable surfaces also deteriorate with time and affect the quality of the scan over time.

Some Infome R30 scans







hey, a bit unrelated but was wondering if you knew if there was a way to use vinpower 1dup disc scanning firmware for BH16NS55 with firmwares 1.03 and above?

Did you mean the WH16NS58-FW?

I think I flashed my LG with 1.02 to 1.V1

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yes sorry i ment that one, oh damn i think im out of luck, my version is 1.04 …

Oh, don´t knew a 1.04 exist. Can you take a photo from the lable of this drive (without serial)?

hey sorry i returned it, didn’t want a 120 AUD pile of junk laying around :joy:

Fujifilm DVD-R 8x (ProdiscF01)
Written at 4x on 4 Jun 2005


Verbatim DVD-R 16x (TYG03)
Written at 4x on 26 Dec 2007


If I’m correct ProdiscF01 is Fuji Oxonol dye.

To bad that Prodisc goes bankrupt because of Philips license fees

BenQ branded Daxon 16x DVD+R DAXON AZ3 Burned 2008
Unknown Pioneer burner,

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3A Media Red DVD+R 8x / Plasmon1 C01
red coloured recording surface
Made In Austria

Burned with Pioneer BDR-209EBK @4x

scan 08/2017

scan 02/2020

Budget DVD-R 8x / TYG02 (fake)
No stamper code
Hub code; IFPI BD11

Burned with Pioneer BDR-209EBK @6x (8x chosen)

scan 02/2018

scan 02/2020

Commax 8x DVD+R / VDSPMSAB 002

Burned with LG GH22LP20 @8x

scan 01/2019

scan 02/2020

DataTrack DVD+R Movie+ / 001

Burned with BenQ DW1640

scan 02/2019

scan 02/2020