Aging and older DVD media scans



Was wondering if anyone could put up any DVDInfoPro scans (PI/PIF scans) of TY discs that are 12 months old or more? I’m wanting to see how these scans look 12 months or more on. We all know they look perfect when newly burnt.

I have none, so cannot post any.

An31 dvd-r

will cdspeed do, I find dvdinfo still buggy as heck


Will CD-DVD Speed or KProbe2 scans do, or does it have to be DVDInfo Pro? (haha, DaChew got there first :bigsmile: )

I have some nice two year old TYG01s here that I can scan. :slight_smile:


I assume your after DVD media scans, or older CD-R scans?

If nobody else posts some, I have several around 2 years old which I’ll post at some point if still required. :slight_smile:


Yeah, after the DVD media. Sure CDSpeed will do. I’m just used to reading DVDInfoPro lol. Happy for any scans though for the PI/PIF readings. Thanks in advance.


i would also like to see some 2 year old scans, but im hopeing that TY discs will last 30+ years anyway :slight_smile:


where’s my old fuji’s? I don’t trust anything I might have burned on my old Plex’s.


The [B]DCAj[/B] study for 4x TYG01 media would seem to indicate it has a very good probability of lasting at least that long if kept at optimum storage conditions (Assuming of course, I’m not a fool in my interpretation, and you have trust in the underlying theory of such projections).

disclaimer - this of course doesn’t neccessarily conclude that other TY media behaves like this under similar conditions.


Here ya go - nice big PIE mountain on this one, though PIFs are very nice. The disc is almost 2 years old, and I’m guessing burn quality may have had something to do with the burner used - my first one, a LiteOn LDW-851S, with stock firmware.

Burned @ the rated 4x.


Now I like that! The PIF’s are the most important after all.


I had to clean disk and rescan with benq, nec 3550 went crazy on a small smudge?


I’m at school now, but when I get home I’ll scan some of my 12-18 month old YUDEN000T02 for you. Last I checked on them, they were doing [B]very[/B] well.


Heres a verb pastel thats nearly 2 years old.


what do you guys use to clean a disc.


If you look after the discs they shouldnt need cleaning! Prevention is better than the cure!!!

Anyway, heres some older than 2 years old. Maxell Branded TYG01. Stored on a spindle for 2 years LOL. Quality hasnt degraded though.

The discs were burned using a BTC 1004IM so i think they look pretty good since they were burned on one of the worst burners ever!


Well dust and other debris(i.e dirt,hair etc.) can of compressed air to remove.


Sigh. This was real quality wasting, [B]chancooluck[/B]. :smiley:
By the way, did the BTC not write its own name on the discs?


Awesome scans so far. Looks like I’ll definately go with TY or MCC made discs.


Ok, here are some scans burnt on a Pioneer 106 in late 2003/early 2004.

Storage conditions:

Light level : Minimal
Relative Humidity: I don’t have the equipment to measure this (variable, though maximum not too high)
Room Temperature: Variable (a few °C upto maybe low 30s °C)

All discs burnt on:

Pioneer 106 with >NIL:'s patched v1.07 firmware at 2x.
Discs were burned, verified with CRC check on files and stored.

[U][B]1st disc:[/B][/U]

Brand: Verbatim Pastel 5 Pack
Media: TYG01
Storage: Slimline Jewel Case

[U][B]2nd disc:[/B][/U]

Brand: Verbatim Pastel 5 Pack
Media: YUDEN000 T01-000
Storage: Slimline Jewel Case

[U][B]3rd disc:[/B][/U]

Brand: Ricoh
Storage: Fullsize Jewel Case

May have been burnt with v1.06 firmware :confused:


It’s not really a reliable scanning program. Nero and Kprobe are the two most reliable that I have seen.