Aging and older BD-R/RE media scans

Panasonic x1-6 (Japan)
Sony BD-5300S (2.03)
Burned at 4x
Date 9 july 2013
no initial scan

Scan x8
Date 07-02-2014

Scan x4
Date 31-10-2015

Following up to my last post with those Ritek BR2:

This scan is now almost 4 years after burning. Potentially ZERO degradation on this disc because you must factor in things like variability, dust, age of the Liteon I am scanning with etc.

Disc stored in spindle with other discs, kept basically in the dark.

“Prodisc full Hub Printable Blue ray BDR 10x speed 25GB Blank discs A+” (OTCBDR002), burned about 1 year ago.
initial scan

Does someone monitors their CMCMAG BA5 aging? At the moment I don’t own drive that can scan BD media and have bunch of recorded BA5. It would be useful if someone can notice Ritek like fiasco is about to happen with CMC or we can sleep peacefully at least for the next couple of years.

I recently rescanned some of my Verbatim BA5, burned 1,5 years ago.
They all looked good like the initial scan.

Well, my BA5 degrade. Most not so bad, but some are a bit more critical.

Scan and rescan after 3 years

It´s not a good burn, I know.

Scan and rescan after 3 years

Scan and rescan after 3,5 years

This was my worst BA5 so far, but I don´t found the first scan

Still complete readable, but I burned the data on a new disc and throw the old one away

ATM I say, a DVD is much more reliable than BD-R

Thank you for the scanning results

I’m curious how they were stored - spindles or DVD wallet?

Wallet, like most of my media.

DVD wallet can do all kind of weird things to the anti-scratch layer (resin) of BD-R media and mess up the reading results. Put the previously scanned media in spindles for a week or two and try to rescan them afterwards. The anti-scratch layer should regenerate itself.

There are couple of articles/posts on forums regarding this issue:

Another link:

I remember I read somethjing like this some times ago.

But it´s a shame that anorganic BD-media have such problems.

Maybe I will make a experiment with BR3-media which is the worst in longevity I had

I wouldn’t bother with Ritek BD-R media, apparently they have problems with their inorganic dye stability.

When the tough coat is blemished it causes read errors even when the data is intact and inorganic recording dye is stable. I’ve seen few examples on the forums when Sony and Panasonic media had reading/scanning problems when stored in sleeve/wallet but returned to normal state when was left to “rest” in jewel case.

Recently I was reading the BR white paper, according to those specifications only BD-R in cartridges (like Sony XDCAM) can be produced without anti-scratch resin.

i didnt expect it to degrade this much, so far ive burned 36 of these with a average ldc of 4.74 scanned ihbs212.
Do you think storing them in jewel cases will make a huge difference?
either way i will report back on mine 12 months every year from now

also ive noticed (pana) MEIRA (001 discs burned at x2 on dbk 206 + dbk 209 have really nice initial ldc counts

They have really nice LDCs @ 6x as well. :smiley:

I remember some ppl here tried it and the media in Jewel-/Slimcases don´t degrade that much. In theory a cakebox would also be better than a wallet because the hub-ring prevent the surfaces from touching

I wonder if anyone has any scans for 5 years or longer
is anyone else a bit skeptical on bd-r?

Me, after the Ritek-Disaster

I have over 30TB (just counted them all) in Blu-ray burned media going back to 2013. But they are all high quality TDK or Panasonic made BD-R DL & BD-R (mostly BD-R DL). So far they have read back just fine when I need them but I haven’t done any scans lately. I will see if it is possible or not for me to try a scan. I know I can do DVD but don’t remember if Blu-ray is possible. I will let you know of the results.

Edit: No I cannot do an actual scan but data reads back flawlessly. In the future I am going to work on getting a setup together that can scan Blu-ray discs.

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Panasonic seems to be good, but I remember that my TDK-media, I mean TDK-branded media made by MBI and media with TDK-MID (made by FTI?) had some weak results.

Sony had in the past also very good media and then started to using awful Ritek-media

Just for clarification: What I meant was that TDK made the discs themselves, in China and Japan. The China ones are That’s labeled, the ones we were all buying back then. Plenty of old threads on those. The only TDK labeled ones I have are made in Japan by TDK themselves, packaged individually and are great quality. I also have TDK BD-RE DL & BD-RE discs made in Japan by TDK themselves.