AGH! Someone come to my rescue - no disk error



OK, I am SO clueless that its not even funny. I have a Sony burner that I bought about 2 years ago and have burned a total of 2 movies on it and now can’t get it to work. Great use of my $, huh? Anyhoo…I just burned a movie a couple of days ago that would play in the computer and would play on a portable DVD player but not on my standalone player. I bought some new DVD’s and got a “insert disk” popup even though there was a blank (new) disk in the burner. I assumed it was because I was using crappy media (HP dvd-r), so returned those and got Verbatim. Still having the same issue. I’ve updated the firmware…checked my “DMA” settings were correct (I guess I did anyway - through Device Driver, both primary and secondary are set to DMA, ultra 5). I don’t really know what else to check. The burner will recognize commercially burned DVD’s (movies) without a problem, but won’t acknowledge when there is a blank disc inserted.

And…now it smells funny…like its hot…maybe something burned up in it?!


And…now it smells funny…like its hot…maybe something burned up in it?!

This is not a good sign.

Ultra DMA 5 on an optical drive? Usually you see that on modern hard drives.

How do you have it set up in the computer? Is the dvd drive the master on the secondary IDE channel? If so, it will be device 0 on that channel, and should probably be Ultra DMA 4 or 2. Might check again just to be sure.

And if worst comes to worst, new dvd drives are getting fairly inexpensive. Pioneer, LG, Plextor and others are making some good drives these days. Look through the dvd drive hardware forums for more info.


Ok, I was wrong…on my Primary IDE channel, the settings for Device 0 say DMA if available with Ultra DMA mode 5. Device 1 shows DMA if available then Not Applicable. The Secondary IDE shows DMA if available and Ultra
DMA Mode 2 for both Device 1 and Device 2.

So do you think that the “insert disk” error I’m getting is a result of something on the hardware not working or is there some sort of setting I might need to change?


This problem seems to be fairly common and is hard to pin down. It could be a hardware malfunction or could be a conflict with some software you have installed. The first thing I would try would be to install the drive in another computer and see if it shows the same sort of behavior.

Some other things to look for would be software conflicts. Do you have both Roxio and Nero installed on your computer? Do you have Nero InCd installed? Sometimes you can get these sort of problems using Daemon Tools or Alcohol 120 (emulation conflicts), though that seems to be rare.

Since you successfully burned one movie, then nothing is recognized, I tend to believe this is a hardware problem. The burning smell is another big clue. The drive may be toast.


I did a search for “no disk error” and hit a link that mentioned it could be trouble with removable drives, for example card readers, causing drive letters to change. If you have an external card reader that could be causing a problem.